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{ The Origins }

Back in the April of 2009, I got a wild hair and leapt from my career in corporate design studios to chance it on my own. From art school, through my time working at companies including Ford, Reebok, and Timberland, I catalogued my colorwork in endless sketchbooks. Fascinated by the emerging online creative community and voice social media offered independent designers, I was inspired to reinterpret my journals into a color blog. In May 2009, Design Seeds was launched for all who love color.

As Seeds has grown over the years, it has evolved into an international community who share a passion for nature’s beauty, wanderlust, & discovering inspiration in unexpected captures. By creating color palettes inspired by images submitted via Instagram, I am grateful to collaborate with diverse global talent including artists, makers, designers, and photographers.

Thank you for taking time to explore Design Seeds, and wishing you endless flowers in all your tomorrows.

~ Jessica Colaluca, Seeds Maker


“All the flowers of all the tomorrows are in the seeds of today.” ~ Indian Proverb



{ Design Seeds 411 }

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{ FAQ }

how do i submit an image to be considered for Seeds?

all submissions are accepted via Instagram. folks can submit photos by using the #SeedsColor hashtag. when submitting the photo, you are stating you are copyright owner of the image, and are granting permission for a Seeds palette to be integrated with it to be shared on the Seeds site.

what are the names of these colors?

HEX codes are listed in each Seeds post. i do not assign names to the colors as there is no universal match for names across brands, systems, or commodities.

can you send me a palette link that i’m having a tough time finding?

you can find palettes using the search feature found on the blog by entering a specific title, photographer’s Instagram name, or general keyword.

the Seeds site was relaunched in 2016 featuring larger than ever inspiration. i rebuilt the archives post by post, but unfortunately some of the older images were too small or had too low of a resolution. as a result, they’re not included in the updated site and exist soley on Pinterest or other social networks. for folks looking for palette HEX codes, i advise using your favorite image software (or plugin).

what brand are these paint chips?

although Design Seeds colors inspire many decor projects, they are not actual paint chips. the colors i create do not correspond to a manufacturer’s paint line. however … a reader recently shared *THIS* site where you can convert the HEX codes listed in each post, into available paint / color collections. i have no affiliation with this site, but wanted to share with those who are interested.

what software do you use to make the palettes?

“back in the day” i created color swatches with gouache paint. for Seeds, each individual swatch is mixed digitally. i create all the palettes in Illustrator, then import them into Photoshop for final tweaks. this allows me to fine tune the color harmonies, and address color shifts that occur between software.

may i use your palettes for my projects?

yes! … Seeds are created to inspire … you are welcome to apply the color combinations to your designs, art, decor, crafts, weddings, & projects.

may i post Design Seeds palettes on my blog?

yes! … & i appreciate folks sharing Design Seeds. for more 411 on how to share Seeds on your blog, social media, and honor copyright … please check out the Terms Of Use below.

can you help me choose a palette for my project (home or wedding)?

although i would love to help readers with their special projects or color challenges, i receive so many requests that i unfortunately cannot consult on an individual basis.

how can i purchase a print?

prints of Design Seeds posts (the inspiration image with palette) are not available, and i do not facilitate in helping requests to have them made. daily inspiration is created at a resolution ideal for online, and not at a resolution appropriate for printing. please review the Terms of Use for further information regarding copyright.


Terms of Use

Design Seeds® and Seeds® service marks are registered trademarks of Seed Design Consultancy LLC, all rights reserved.

Seed Design Consultancy LLC offers Design Seeds as an inspiration tool and are not intended as an actual color specifier system. We do not take responsibility for any color shifts that occur in digital or printed forms. HEX values are generated through digital software, and accuracy may vary.

You may share Design Seeds on your blog or site. To honor copyright, the images may not be modified, have graphics added, or collaged into an image board. Proper attribution includes crediting Design Seeds and supplying a link back to the original post. Attribution for the Photographer must also be provided.

You may share Design Seeds in social media per the conditions stated above.

When hosting contests or challenges utilizing Design Seeds as the inspiration palette, you may not call your challenge “The Design Seeds Challenge” or use the Design Seeds name in any form in the title. When posting or sharing how to use Design Seeds as inspiration for art, crafts, or design the same holds true.

You may use Design Seeds colors in creating designs, illustrations, or crafts. However, you may not include Design Seeds as part of the name or title (including marketing or selling of your product).

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Disclosure (Privacy Policy)

The Design Seeds site is hosted by Fused. Seed Design Consultancy LLC (Seed) receives a commission for referrals via an affiliate link here in the disclosure section. The Design Seeds site has been hosted by Fused since 2012, and they are a critical partner in the site’s performance and success.

Through Design Seeds, Seed has established strategic partnerships. Paid collaborations fund the seasonal inspiration feature on the site. Design Seeds palettes, inspiration images, story concepts, and insights are not part of these partnerships. Utilizing a specific color specifier system, linking to the sponsor’s site, and providing approved copy pertaining to the sponsor are part of the paid agreement. Unique collateral (including sponsor branded color palettes without an inspiration image) is also created by Seed for the sponsor’s use. Mentions, retweets, pins, posts, and shares on social media of seasonal vignettes are not paid for. They are shared by Seed considering relevance and interest to readers and followers.

Seed consults to clients by creating visual content and social media strategy. Mentions, retweets, pins, posts, and shares of client work are not paid for and are shared at Seeds’ discretion regarding relevance and interest to readers and followers.

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