All About Seeds

Launched in May of 2009, the Design Seeds blog is a digital interpretation of my original design journals. Defining the color blogging niche over a decade ago, Design Seeds has flourished into an international creative community.

Design Seeds has been featured by The Huffington Post, USA Today, MTV Fora, HGTV, Apartment Therapy, and Smashing Magazine. Mashable named Jessica #3 on their list of the 21 leading online influencers in their “must-follow Pinterest users” list. Refinery29 also included her in their list of top 10 Pinterest influencers.

The Design Seeds site receives over 2 million pageviews per month, and has over 1.6 million followers across social media.

“Back in the April of 2009, I got a wild hair and leapt from my career in corporate design studios to chance it on my own. From art school, through my time working at companies including Ford, Reebok, and Timberland, I catalogued my color work in endless sketchbooks. Fascinated by the emerging online creative community and voice social media offered independent designers, I was inspired to reinterpret my journals into a color blog. In May 2009, Design Seeds was launched for all who love color.

As Seeds has grown over the years, it has evolved into an international community who share a passion for nature’s beauty, wanderlust, & discovering inspiration in unexpected captures. By creating color palettes inspired by images submitted via Instagram, I am grateful to have collaborated with diverse global talent including artists, makers, designers, and photographers.

In 2021, I returned Design Seeds “to its roots,” and create palettes from my own inspiration captures.

When not “plugged in,” you can find me antiquing, crocheting, reading, or hitting the trails on my bike. I also have an absolute passion for gardening.

My newest project is the LAP OF LEGENDS blog. We are fortunate to call the house Miles McNair built in 1896 our home, inspiring the blog which documents my research and the stories of folks who have lived here before us, as well as the history of Brodhead.

Thank you for taking time to explore Design Seeds, and wishing you endless flowers in all your tomorrows.” ~Jessica Colaluca

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I submit an image to be considered for Seeds?

image submissions are not being accepted at this time.

What are the names of these colors?

HEX codes are listed in each Seeds post. i do not assign names to the colors as there is no universal match for names across brands, systems, or commodities.

What software do you use to make the palettes?

“back in the day” i created color swatches with gouache paint. for Seeds, each individual swatch is mixed digitally. i create all the palettes in Illustrator, then import them into Photoshop for final tweaks. this allows me to fine tune the color harmonies, and address color shifts that occur between software.

color apps and generators create inharmonious palettes. this is because applications and algorithms cannot see or feel color, nor can they create what the human eye, talent, experience, and heart can. contrary to popular misconception, i do not “pick” colors from an inspiration photo. palettes are inspired by the harmonies i both see and feel, as well as the color story i am looking to convey …

…so just say “no” to color pickers and palette generators, and “yes!” to your instincts, experience, and love of color :)

What brand are these paint chips?

although Design Seeds colors inspire many decor projects, they are not actual paint chips. the colors i create do not correspond to a manufacturer’s paint line. however … a reader recently shared THIS site where you can convert the HEX codes listed in each post, into available paint / color collections. i have no affiliation with this site, but wanted to share with those who are interested.

May I use your palettes for my projects?

yes! … Seeds are created to inspire … you are welcome to apply the color combinations to your designs, art, decor, crafts, weddings, & projects.

May I post Design Seeds palettes on my blog?

yes! … & i appreciate folks sharing Design Seeds. for more information on how to share Seeds on your blog, social media, and honor copyright … please check out the Terms Of Use below.

How can I purchase a print?

prints of Design Seeds posts (the inspiration image with palette) are not available, and i do not facilitate in helping requests to have them made. daily inspiration is created at a resolution ideal for online, and not at a resolution appropriate for printing. please review the Terms of Use for further information regarding copyright.


Terms of Use

Design Seeds® and Seeds® service marks are registered trademarks of Seed Design Consultancy LLC, all rights reserved.

Seed Design Consultancy LLC offers Design Seeds as an inspiration tool and are not intended as an actual color specifier system. We do not take responsibility for any color shifts that occur in digital or printed forms. HEX values are generated through digital software, and accuracy may vary.

You may share Design Seeds on your blog or site. To honor copyright, the images may not be modified, have graphics added, or collaged into an image board. Proper attribution includes crediting Design Seeds and supplying a link back to the original post. Attribution for the Photographer must also be provided.

You may share Design Seeds in social media per the conditions stated above.

When hosting contests or challenges utilizing Design Seeds as the inspiration palette, you may not call your challenge “The Design Seeds Challenge” or use the Design Seeds name in any form in the title. When posting or sharing how to use Design Seeds as inspiration for art, crafts, or design the same holds true.

You may use Design Seeds colors in creating designs, illustrations, or crafts. However, you may not include Design Seeds as part of the name or title (including marketing or selling of your product).

Please click here for the full Terms & Conditions.