The seasonal Color Atlas … a guide featuring curated Design Seeds collections, offering storied vignettes of creative color and inspiration.


The seasonal Color Atlas is made possible through the sponsorship of Archroma. This guide features Color Atlas color codes for Designers of fashion, home, and lifestyle. All palettes link to the original posts on the Design Seeds site, where HEX codes are listed.
Special thanks to the global talent who are generous contributors and Design Seeds collaborators … it is an absolute pleasure to feature the following folks in the seasonal Color Atlas : Margie Keates, Tracey Bolton, Lara Dolinsek, Diana Lovring, Julie Audet, Emily Funkhouser, Marianne Deatnu, MRenate Westlien, Renate Westlien, Nicolette Hoogeveen, Ann L Davis, Katie Robbins, & Julia Maumann.Please note full attribution including links to collaborators’ Instagram profiles, as well as the original Design Seeds post are included.


The Color Atlas by Archroma® streamlines the process of perfection, from inspiration to production. Within the 4,300 colors or a color custom developed for you, the Color Atlas sets you free to pursue your inspiration.

ARCHROMA 104-980


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